More on antivirus and spyware

Well – I have been trying out all the free antivirus programs on various computers and I have a few new recommendations:

Avira Antivir – one of the best in my experience. Works without slowing your machine and doesn’t nag about upgrades or offers.

Avast Antivirus – I have seen this one catch viruses on two of my personal computers and one client computer – but not good for older machines or if you have DSL internet – the update at startup takes a lot of system resources and can be annoying to wait for it to finish.

Lavasoft Adaware – essential for modern computing on the internet. Get it, run it and watch it find all the nasty stuff that is on your computer. It is a big download and takes a while to run, but is worth it.

And the biggie – MalwareBytes Antimalware -If your machine is acting weird this is the first thing to try – it finds all the nasties.


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