Kindle Prime – Not so much…

I have been a big fan of the Amazon Kindle since I got my first one several Christmases ago from my beautiful significant other. The experience has evolved onto Kindle for the PC, an Android tablet, an Android phone and now the Kindle Fire HD my wonderful, beautiful significant other totally surprised me with on Christmas day. The hardware is great, even if the software is a little limited by Amazon’s version of the iPad – designed to sell you Amazon, rather than iTunes, content. Love it – especially the high definition video capability that will be pumping out free on-line video content to our HD bigscreen as soon as I get the cable for it.

The purchase comes with a free month trial of Kindle Prime. This is promoted as being the best thing ever, and I even considered spending the $79 for a full year, until I used it for a few weeks. What do you get for your money? Ok, a lot video – movies and shows – that rivals Netflix or paid Hulu – but I already have access to Netflix and Xfinity and rarely use them personally. I read. A lot. A book a week or more since I was 3 years old. Prime touts their “Free Lending Library for Prime Members Only!” – which means you can borrow “Unlimited!” books through your Kindle. Yayyy! You get one book a month. I already read my book for January. Now what?

The final part of the Prime super Hype is “Free 2 Day Shipping On All Amazon Orders” – Yaaaayyy!!! I ordered a cover for my Kindle Fire HD from them on December 30th – received it on January 6th, about the same as if I ordered it normally. Yes it went out 2 day, but it did not speed up the fulfillment process and I still had that feeling of looking for something in the mailbox for more days than expected.

So – don’t get me wrong, I love my Kindle and all the great deals on cool stuff and books on Amazon. They sent a 40% off voucher for Kindle accessories and I got an awesome Marware cover/case for it at HALF the price of the same thing at Best Buy. They gave me a $2 voucher for apps and a $3 dollar voucher for music, all included with the Kindle purchase. I just will not be renewing my Prime Membership. Ever.


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