Java Bugs and hair pulling!

I am writing up some documentation and thought I would throw this out because it was so weird and hard to find – when I first tested some new software with “myworkwebsite”.com I kept getting this “invalid ipv6 address” message. The Java 7 JDK has a known bug – hosts whose name starts with the letters a-f cannot connect using the InetAddress.getByName.  So – trying to connect to any webpage that started with a-f did not work – had to use the ip address!

——————– Details ————————- Release Version : Build Id :MX765_REL_20150327 Client Id :Internal 08-May-2015 12:44:25 ERROR TS_Worker-1 – Transport returned with Error Message:Connection timed out: connect, raising SchedulerException. 08-May-2015 12:45:40 ERROR TS_Worker-2 – Transport returned with Error Message: invalid IPv6 address, raising SchedulerException. 08-May-2015 12:46:34 ERROR TS_Worker-3 – Transport returned with Error, raising SchedulerException. 08-May-2015 12:48:31 INFO localhost-startStop-1  Bug ID: JDK-8028074 InetAddress.getByName fails with UHE “invalid IPv6 address” if host name… Component: core-libs – Sub-Component: BUGS.JAVA.COM


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