The Light comes on!

So – trying to make my home lab connect to my Sony Blu Ray player to stream internet content. I set up a vlan trunk and got my two switches talking to each other on a router on a stick configuration. Default gateway for switch vlans is subinterface on router. Every body can talk to every body but we can’t get out to the internet. Try this, try that – set up Nat/Pat on the subinterfaces and the default route through the internet facing router interface. Nothing works. Go in to the 6th page of Google Hell, getting lots of bad advice. I connect the Cisco router directly to my Comcast router – it works. Connect to my internal TrendNet router – no connection. Obsessed – gonna make it work!

About 10:30 at night – I ssh from router to my Dynamic Dns connection – – that port forwards through my wireles router back to my Cisco router. The light comes on! I need to port forward everything through the Trendnet router! So – port 80 53 443 8080 gets forwarded to the outward facing Cisco interface that is outside Nat – Ta Da!

My Blu Ray is streaming Netflix for the kids this morning at 50 mbps through my Lab network.


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