I did this on all my servers and compute

I did this on all my servers and computers – at least follow the directions for the browser you use.

VSSL, and its successor TLS, are cryptographic protocols designed to provide communication security over the Internet. In the web realm, they are providing HTTPS, but they are also used for other application protocols. SSLv1 was never publicly released, and SSLv2 was quickly found to be insecure. SSLv3 was created, and, together with the newer TLSv1/1.1/1.2, it is still currently being used to secure the transport layer of the Internet.

As it happened for SSLv2, recently Google engineers pointed out that SSLv3 is broken (with an exploitation technique known as POODLE) and should not be used any longer. There is a patch, but it does not mitigate the issue completely as it will work only if both sides of the connection have been patched. SSLv3 is nearly 18 years old, but support for it remains widespread. Clients and servers should disable SSLv3 as soon as possible. http://ow.ly/ObOSH


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