Comcast’s Domain "Helper"

I was in class today at Bellingham Technical College and heard about what Comcast is doing behind the scenes – if you mistype an url they use their “domain helper” to send you to their search page. More revenue for them. I use OpenDns for speed and as a parental control for my kids. As my teacher said today – I am paying Comcast for plumbing to the Internet, not what Comcast thinks I should see.
Here is a way to opt out –


Setup CCleaner to Automatically Run Each Night in Windows 7, Vista or XP – the How-To Geek

Setup CCleaner to Automatically Run Each Night in Windows 7, Vista or XP – the How-To Geek

You might well ask – what the heck is CCleaner? It is one of the greatest utilities for Windows systems ever. Think of it as Drano for your sluggish computer. It cleans out all the gunk and does a great job of it. I recommend you download it and install it and then automate it to run daily or weekly (see the link above)

Remove "Attending," "Attended," "Became Fan," "Joined Group," and "Now Friends" Messages from Facebook Feeds for Greasemonkey

Remove “Attending,” “Attended,” “Became Fan,” “Joined Group,” and “Now Friends” Messages from Facebook Feeds for Greasemonkey

Customize Your Start Menu

I discovered this little trick: right click the Start button, Customize, Advanced – then you can click the radio buttons to make your Start menu items like control panel, documents, pictures show menus of their contents. Works really well for getting to a particular item buried in a folder. All the years I have worked with XP and I did not know this and I love it. This little tweak is set up on all my machines now.

Great Software

This is a great link to a page and software that is a great thing for taking care of grandma’s computer. … ifehacker/

This software will tell you what that weird process is that is sucking the life out of your machine.

I use this page for each new install – turn off all the unnecessary services.